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Money Savings Tips–Installment #4

(Sorry that these are out of order, I had this one scheduled to be published months ago and for some reason it never published, and today when I tried publishing it, it wouldn’t work, so I’m starting all over with … Continue reading

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Money Savings Tips–Installment #5

  This week I’ve been seeing posts by MANY of my facebook friends that their children, husbands, wives, and selves have gone back to college or started college this week.  Not only is college expensive for tuition and fees, but … Continue reading

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The Caboose to the family train turns 13

This past week has been filled with remembering back to what I was doing during this week 13 years ago…..I was anticipating the arrival of my brand new Bosch Universal Kitchen Center (the heavy duty mixer that can EASILY knead … Continue reading

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Money Saving Tips, Installment #3

  This week’s installment is regarding your utilities.   If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that just over a year ago we moved to a newer, larger home with a pool…..our forever home! … Continue reading

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A Moment in God’s Word today….5/22/13

  This morning I was reading in Psalm 108, again a passage that I have read dozens of times, but this morning I saw it just a little bit differently. Psalm 108:1-6 My heart is steadfast, O God! I will … Continue reading

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Homemade Salsa (two recipes–salsa verde and roasted tomato salsa)

            Remember when I posted this a few days ago?   Well, I didn’t ever post the end results of this particular part of that yummy meal.   I just had a friend on Facebook … Continue reading

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A Moment in God’s Word today…..5/21/13

  Something that I have struggled with kind of all of my life, but most especially the past 12 years is being afraid of being abandoned by those who are never supposed to abandon me.   You see, I have … Continue reading

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