Bad blogger….bad bad blogger!


I have been missing in action from my blog for over 2 years!   This ends today!   I have had so much on my heart to share, but when it comes down to actually documenting, it it just doesn’t happen….mostly because the enemy gets into my head and heart and convinces me that no one cares, no one is interested in what I’m going to say, etc.   Well, I get asked at least a few times a year about my blog.   God and I have been wrestling over this for a while now….and I need to come back….please bear with me, as I find a format that works for me on a daily basis (as far as whether I need to just keep this blog as it’s always been, kind of a hodge podge of everything in my life….my personal thoughts, my time in God’s word, family doing, cooking/recipes, household, crafts, etc. )  I have friends that have separate kitchen blogs from their “personal” blogs, but honestly, my life is a big mish-mash of all of the above!  One moment I may be snuggling on the couch with my honey, or a dog, or a kid….and the very next moment I may have the canner out and be preserving food, and the next have my crochet hook and yarn out and working on something……I MAY just keep my blog the way my life is 🙂    Not quite sure yet, and would LOVE the input of my faithful followers and readers!

Well, on that note, I will close this post with a prayer request….. as many of you know, I live in Central California…..and there are a LOT of wildfires burning right now.  But what is currently the 17th largest fire in CA fire history is burning in the mountains just east of us.  It is called “The Rough Fire”…..currently there have been over 120,000 acres burned or burning, and it is only 30% contained….it was started by lightening strike on July 31….yes, today is September 13!    There are over 2000 firefighters and support personnel on this fire, and have had to evacuate some very precious national treasures as well as thousands from their homes, and mountain cabins.  Please pray for rain for California, please pray for safety of our forestland, and the structures in the path of the fire, please pray for containment, and above all else, plese pray for the firefighters, their families, and the resources necessary to put this fire out!

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