Free Kindle e-books…..3/4/13

open books

Recently (as of 3/1/13) has asked their affiliates (folks that receive a small financial bonus from amazon by associating their accounts with amazon and folks buying through the affiliates referrals to amazon) to please stop listing free kindle e-books.  There are financial repurcussions for those that continue to list them.  I do totally understand amazon’s stand on this, however I know that for me it was a HUGE benefit being able to download so many free e-books each week. While I don’t have a TON of time to donate to this each day, and can’t do it every day, I will do it as often as possible.

You do NOT have to have a Kindle device, you can download a kindle app to your mobile device, or simply read on your computer.

The free offers often don’t last for very long so PLEASE verify that the links are still listed as $0.00 before clicking to buy!

Here are some that I found today….

The American Frugal Housewife 

Letters of a Woman Homesteader

Everyday Foods in Wartime 

The Quest of the Simple Life

Home Vegetable Gardening: a complete and practical guide to the planting and care of all vegetables, fruits and berries worth growing for home use

In His Steps

11:15 The Making of a Halfling

The NIV Gospel of John: with devotional notes 

A Hearth in Candlewood

The Pursuit of God 

A Halflings Rescue 

The Accidental Hero

The Hungry Girl’s The Guilt Free 3

Green Juicing Diet to Detox

Crowd Pleasers: big food for big groups 

Amazing Cakes

Fall Cupcakes

Quick and Easy, Fat-free and Low-Fat Vegan Cookbook

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe Book: 30 Easy Set it and Forget it Meals



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