In my home today….2/24/13



Sunday’s are my absolute favorite day of the week…..I love fellowshipping with my church family and coming home and resting and relaxing with my family.   Well, last night I was feeling a bit dizzy before bedtime (I have dealt with recurring  vertigo for the past 12 years—it comes and goes and some “episodes” are worse than others), so I took my meds because I didn’t want to miss  church this morning.   THis morning I woke up and was even more dizzy than when I went to bed last night.  But it was different than normal….I was fine when I was moving around, it was when I sat down or layed down that the vertigo was the worst.   SO, I said to myself that Satan was not going to keep me from fellowshipping with my church family so I went to church!   Made it through about halfway through the fabulous teaching of our Pastor and had to go for a walk…the dizziness was BAD.   Walked around until I was feeling better went back and sat back down and was instantly dizzy again 😦    We didn’t stay for Sunday School, came home and I took a nap and made lunch.

Took another nap and now the kids are on their way home from winter camp…..I decided this morning that take and bake pizza sounded like a great idea for dinner……camp kids texted me to tell me that they REALLY want tacos!  SO, my honey is going to go to the store when they get home and grab a couple of things that I need  🙂

What I had WANTED to do!

  • clean kitchen
  • make cookies for kids
  • work on laundry


  • rested, rested, and rested some more 
  • worshipped with my church family

Not exactly the day that I had planned, but a good day nonetheless.   I am thankful to have a day of mostly rest each week to spend with my family.



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2 Responses to In my home today….2/24/13

  1. Sandra says:

    So sorry you have to deal with vertigo, that has to be awful. Hope you are feeling much better. 🙂

  2. Shirlene says:

    I have vertigo also and had an episode like never before not too long ago. I never heard anyone that needed to move to keep the dizzies away. I do hope that will be the last for you. Blessings!

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