Today in my home….1/22/13

(I want to get a cute graphic to use for this daily post, just need to find something that is appropriate)…..I am wanting to go back to my blogging roots a little bit.  This is something that I used to share several times per week, I would share what was going on in our home each day.  It is fun going back and reading those things…..

I know that it is the end of the day, but today started out much like my Sunday….I woke up not feeling well.   I had a low grade fever (99ish), sore throat and massive headache.   I had to cancel my babysitting job so that I didn’t spread my germs to the precious little girl that I babysit each morning.  By noon or so I was feeling much better, and as the day went on I felt better.   I did get a little nap this afternoon until the dogs started barking at our next door neighbor dogs.  I am skipping my bible study tonight to rest and to not spread any potential germs.

This morning I intended to rest and recuperate, and hoped to get some baking done.   Well, I did plenty of resting but I didn’t get much done in the house or kitchen.  I had planned to have the kids clean the house, but they were all busy studying today.   SO, it was a quiet day here.

Tonight I’m snuggled up on the couch with my little dog, and my honey, and my computer and my blankie, and we are watchng hockey and I’m blogging.   Our two middle kiddos had bible study groups to go to in a neighboring city, and our oldest was feeling good, and wanting a change of scenery to get her schoolwork done in, so she drove them.  She is currently sitting in our youth pastor’s office studying, then she’s going to head to Starbucks to get something yummy to drink for the drive home, and I’m sure a few more hours of studying.   Our youngest is here with Mom & Dad watching hockey 🙂

Praying that you all had a blessed day!   May the Lord richly bless your evenings, and your day tomorrow!

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