Changes 2013

I thought that 2012 was the year of change for our family…..we moved, we lost one of our beloved furry family members, we added a new furry family member, we sent our oldest daughter off to college, we brought our oldest daughter back home from college due to health problems.  Well, it appears that our 2013 is going to be another year of change and firsts….

Just a few days before the New Year we added another new furry family member…..please meet Benji (she is the white fluff ball on the right)



We adopted Benji from the same friend that we adopted Stella from…..she has been involved with pet rescue for a number of years, and in October of 2011, shortly after she re-homed Stella with us, she found Benji on the highway in a city near her.  Benji didn’t have any tags or anything, and they went from home to home trying to find an owner, and couldn’t find anyone that knew Benji.   She took her home, cleaned her up, cut her hair, and got her to a place where she is a total love bug.   Benji was still a pup (right around a year old, maybe younger than a year old) when Sandra found her.  Benji lived with my friend and her family for 14 months and has mostly outgrown her annoying puppy habits, but she is still very playful and active and fun.   When Sally (our beloved schnauzer) died in August, we told our youngest that we would adopt another dog sometime “next summer” and that she would be able to pick the new dog out.  Our girl REALLY wanted a little dog.  She really wanted a shih tzu, or something similar.   We told her that when it was time, we’d start checking out the shelters and rescue places around us.   Just before Christmas I mentioned to my friend that we were planning to add another fluff ball to the family this summer, and that our girl really wanted a shih tzu or something similar.   She asked if we would consider taking Benji.   We talked about it as a family, and unanimously agreed that Benji was the dog for us!   The cool thing about Benji is that she is a shih tzu/poodle mix.   We had all told our girl many times since August that we didn’t know if she’d get a shih tzu or not…..God provided for our girl’s heart’s desire 🙂   Isn’t He Good?   🙂

Benji is such a great addition to our family!   It took a few days, but she and Kennedy became fast friends, and they wrestle, and play tug of war and have so much fun together.   Stella was a bit slower to warm up to Benji, but in the past week and half or so has started wanting to play with Benji, and it isn’t just her normal “playing chase”, she is wrestling A TINY BIT with Benji.   And in the past couple of days she has started giving Benji kisses.     We are one big happy family now 🙂

Another big change for this year (that I won’t go into as much detail about) is that our oldest daughter is back home attending one of the community colleges in our area.   She had a major health crisis in early November, and had to make the very hard decision to come home and focus on her health (she was diagnosed a year ago with an auto-immune inflammatory disease that is similar to lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, and has really struggled with getting to a place of stability with that for many many months, and then in November she had a semi-related health crisis that is what caused her to come home….she just wasn’t getting better at school).  It is awesome having her home again, and being able to help her when she needs help.   But my heart breaks for her that she had to change her plans so suddenly.   She is relying on God, and waiting on Him for her future and His plans for it.


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