November 23, 2012….THANKFUL!


Today I am thankful for the different seasons that God gave us.  Not just the different weather seasons/growing seasons, but also the different seasons of life that He has given to us.   This morning as I am sitting in “my spot” reading God’s word and snuggling with Bekah’s dog, I happened to look up and realized that the tree that is just outside my window is going through it’s annual metamorphosis….the leaves are changing from a brilliant green to a beautiful amber, and then they will fall to the ground.   I began to reflect on the seasons in my life, the changes ever so gradual, that the Lord has made in my life and in my heart (those aren’t always so gradual :)).  And I am so very very thankful for those “seasons”!

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1 Response to November 23, 2012….THANKFUL!

  1. diarysahm says:

    Love this post, so true about the different seasons 🙂

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