A Moment in God’s Word today….11/16/12


Today during my quiet time with the Lord I had several scriptures that were addressing prayer.   And the verse that came to mind that I wanted to share about today is one I read a few days ago and God put on my heart to blog about, but I never got around to it that day.   So today I am being obedient and blogging about it.  🙂   The constant reminder to pray during my reading this morning  brought me back to one of the very first scriptures that I ever memorized as an adult.  Not a difficult verse, but one that I have found to be abundantly important in my walk with Christ, and one that I have found great comfort, strength, and solace in through my walk with the Lord.   I will share the passage that the Lord gave to me earlier this week, and put the particular verse that I memorized in italics.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 Rejoice always pray without ceasing give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

We are currently going through a crisis with our oldest daughter’s health, and earlier this week when I read these verses I had wanted to blog about how we are finding in a very real way that these verses bring comfort in even very trying times.   I was so very thankful to have God put them before me earlier this week, just when I needed them!   God is always Good, always faithful, and always true!    And even in the trying times or the times of crisis, I have been able to find things to be thankful for…..

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