There is something that I’ve been seeing a lot of in the online community lately and it really is disturbing to me.  This isn’t a new thing or a new problem, but I am seeing more and more of it recently, and being the mom of teenagers, I feel the need to address this issue.    Like always there are SO MANY products available to aid in weight loss, fat loss, etc out on the market, and they are being marketed very heavily on social media.   I know that there is a big problem with obesity in our country, but the way these products are being marketed gives the image that in order to be sexy or desirable or attractive is to be skinny.   YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SKINNY TO BE SEXY!!!!  Or attractive!   You don’t even have to be skinny to be healthy!   There is a HUGE misconception amoungst our society that in order to be attractive or healthy, you have to be skinny.   If only these companies knew what they are doing to the psyche of men, women, boys and girls of all ages, I would certainly hope that they would stop marketing these items in the way that they do.   The marketing that these companies in companion with the images that we see on tv and print advertising campaigns of the super skinny super model type people is literally killing people.   it is adding to the occurance and danger of ALL eating disorders (not just anorexia and bulimia, but also overeating…we think Oh, I can never look like that so I might as well eat anything and everything that I want, or we drown our feelings of inadequacy in food and  beverage.

I have many friends and some family that have struggled with eating disorders of different types and a big contributor to that for all of them was the feeling of inadequacy due to the barage of advertising, marketing, and their friends and family members making comments like “get your sexy back”…….well, here’s the thing.   I am 25-30 pounds overweight, I have large hips and saddlebags…..but I know that I am still attractive to my husband (which, BY THE WAY, is the definition of sexy is to be physically attractive to the person that you want to have physical relations with…..is that what we want our children seeing/hearing/reading?   Do we REALLY want our teen daughters to “get their sexy back”?   I don’t!   Do I want my daughters (and my son) to feel good about themselves, have good body image?   ABSOLUTELY!!!!   However, I don’t think that it is healthy for them to be seeing/hearing these types of marketing campaigns.   It not only promotes an “I’m not good enough the way God created me” attitude and mindset, but it also adds to the already rampant sexual culture of our society.

There is a COMPLETELY different way to market these products that should be promoting HEALTH, not SEX!   And if they were to promote health, maybe it would help our society to not feel so inadequate in their physical appearance.

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