Earlier this week my cell phone rang at 6:30 am.   I was concerned that it was our oldest daughter at college calling.  I saw the caller ID and saw a dear friends name….my heart sank because I knew it couldn’t be good news if she was calling me so early.   The first words out of her mouth after I answered were “I know, the only time I ever call is when something bad has happened”… response was “Especially at 6:30 in the morning”.    She was calling to tell me that a very dear friend of ours had passed away suddenly earlier that morning.    While I DEARLY appreciated the phone call, and not having to find out about his death on facebook, or worse yet, not finding out at all, it made me think about how many of my friendships I have let kind of drift and the only time I talk to them is when there is something wrong, or if I’m going to be in the town that they live in. When I called a friend that moved out of state this summer later that morning to let her know about the death of our friend, I apologized to her for not having talked to her for about a month, and that my purpose for calling that morning was not a good reason.   I AM going to get better about staying in touch with my friends that live in other cities, states, and even countries.    I do not want the only time that I talk to them be when someone has died, is sick, or there is something wrong.   We have so many means of communication at our hands today, I can take a few minutes each week to stay in close contact with my friends.    Is anyone else guilty of this?   Not being good about staying in contact with friends that you don’t see often unless something bad has happened?

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