You CAN do it :)

This morning in a matter of 2 hours I processed 20ish pounds of ground beef……I made

  • 6 meals worth of meatballs
  • 8 meals worth of cooked and seasoned ground beef (that will be turned into things like tacos, pizza rolls, casseroles, enchiladas, soups, etc)
  • 16 hamburger patties
  • 2 meat loaves

They are all in the freezer now, and those dinners are just about fully ready!

Why would I do this?   Well, one of our grocery stores had lean ground beef on sale for $1.99 this weekend, so I bought 20ish pounds of it.  Yes, I could have just portioned it out into one pound portions and frozen it that way, but for just a little more of a time investment I could have a BUNCH of meals mostly made.  Which is why I took 2 hours to get them seasoned, cooked, portioned, packaged and into the freezer.   And wow, in a 2 hour period of time I got 19 meals mostly made!   How awesome is that????    If you could spend 2 hours and get 10-20 meals mostly prepped and into the freezer wouldn’t you?   You CAN!   You CAN do it!



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