More “lasts”…..

19 1/2 years ago God gave my husband and I a very HUGE blessing…..our first daughter.   She has been such a blessing and example of Godliness to us since the day of her birth.  And it has been a huge blessing getting to be her parents and now we are in the last few days of her living fulltime at home.  She wanted to have one last get together with her friends and family before moving away to college (she is transferring from our local Junior College to a wonderful Christian University about 7-7 1/2 hours away from home), so we hosted that on Friday night.  We had between 50-60 people here for a potluck and swimming.  More than half of those people were teens from our church youth group.   During the evening we had a time of sharing (almost all of the stories were silly stories shared by her friends), and then of prayer. What a blessed time that was to not only be able to pray blessings over our girl (just like we did at the time of her birth, and many times since then), but also to hear the prayers of so many of the teenagers that were thanking God for giving them our girl as a role model and encouragement.   I was so thankful to hear those prayers, because I realized that not only will our family miss her, but her youth group (that she’s been a leader in this past year and few months) will really miss her too.

This morning as we were sitting in church, I realized that this was the last Sunday that she would be at church with us until Thanksgiving.  And that this is our last Sunday afternoon with her for a long while.   Yesterday we celebrated our youngest daughter’s birthday with family, and that was the last family birthday that our R would be a part of until summer…..including her own.   I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited for her, and for her new adventures that are ahead and the life that God has for her, but I am also sad too.

This week we move to a new phase of life with our daughter, we are letting go of a lot of our parental control, and moving to the opportunity to be a friend to our girl.   We do have a great relationship with her, and love her not only as our child, but as a person.  She is an awesome Christian young lady, and is very bold in her faith, and she really challenges D and I in our faith!  We will miss her, but I am so thankful that God has provided technology for us to be able to see her face and hear her voice on a regular basis 🙂


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