We have such great friends!


A couple of weeks ago the two younger girls had 2 of their best friends (who happen to be sisters also) spend a couple of nights with us, and that family’s oldest daughter was on a missions trip to Taiwan with our son, so they were kid-less for 2 nights.   They had wanted to repay the favor, and I had kind of forgotten about it.   Well, yesterday afternoon I got a text from the Mom, and the girls had gotten texts from their friends, inviting them to stay at their house for a couple of nights.  R is away from home this week to work as a High School girls camp counselor for a church in “the big city”, so I checked with one of M’s friends parents and found out that he could stay with his buddy for a couple of days also.   So, D and I get to be honeymooners for a couple of days 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our children, and LOVE spending time with them, and LOVE our family time together.  But as they get older and as the time draws nearer that we will be “empty nesters” we see that we need to spend more and more time together and rekindle our  relationship as partners and friends, as man and wife, without kids.  For the past 19 years much of our time and energies have been concentrated in large part to being parents, and sometimes the man and wife part takes a back seat.  Our relationship with one another has always come first, but parenting consumes a very high percentage of our energy, and now we are at a point in our children’s lives where we can spend more time together as a couple.   SO, for the next 2 nights, thanks to some dear friends and a great youth pastor and God, we get to have an at home honeymoon.   I’m super excited to concentrate my time and energies on the love of my life and know that our kids are having fun and spending time with people that love them and care for them.

Do you take time alone with your spouse on a regular basis to keep your friendship and romance alive in spite of kids, grandkids, homeschooling, work, whatever else may be taking your time on an hour by hour basis?   If you aren’t, your marriage should be the 2nd most important relationship that you have, 2nd only to your relationship with God, and it deserves all of the time that you dedicate to it, and not giving it just your leftovers of time and energy.

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