Saying goodbye

Recently it seems as though we’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes.   When we moved to our new home, we left the home that we had essentially raised our kids in (even though R was 11 when we moved there, her teen years were all spent there, and the younger kids were there from young childhood to pre-teens/teens) and had to say goodbye to great neighbors, and a few friends that we won’t see nearly as often as we used to, we have also had friends move out of state recently, and now we have had to say our hardest goodbye of all.   Our beloved doggy daughter of 11 years, Sally, passed away on Saturday.   On Thursday morning she ate normally, Thursday evening she only had a bit of her food, and Friday only a few bites throughout the day and then Saturday morning a bite or two, but she had been drinking water.   I didn’t worry about it because she does this periodically, where she’ll go for a day or two without eating much more than a bite or two 3-4 times a day.   On Saturday morning I went to “the city” to pick up the girls from a birthday party and housesitting job and when we got back R noticed that Sally’s breathing was heavy.   Within a couple of hours she passed away.


Sally, you were a loyal friend, an amazing dog, and you are missed terribly!   This morning when I got up and started making my honey’s breakfast I dropped a piece of watermelon on the floor and started to call you to get it…..then I remembered the sad truth, you are gone.   We love you sweet girl, and a part of our family’s heart is gone with you.   Stella and Kennedy miss you too Sal Sal.   Stella keeps going to “your spot” and smelling around for you.  Kennedy has just been a little droopy.   We love you and miss you our Sally Girl!

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2 Responses to Saying goodbye

  1. Shirlene Weber says:

    So very sorry for your loss! My heart aches with you. We have a fur baby that has been as much a part of our lives as our own babies so I know how you feel. Our Saber will be 11 this Nov and he has been showing signs of his age as well. God Bless you all and Peace to your from our Heavenly Father.

  2. Shelley says:

    I am so sorry four your family loss. my heart breaks a little, reminds me of when our calvin went home. Pray for peace for you all as you walk through this sad time

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