Another change, albeit minor….

Another change that we’ve had to make most recently (since moving) is buying our produce at the grocery store….I know, I know “wa, wa, wa”….I’m whining about something that 99% of you have to do or you don’t get fresh produce.   But we live in the “salad bowl of the world”, and have WONDERFUL fresh produce year round here where I live in Central California.  And fresh produce oftentimes means farmers markets….which we have had access to for the past 22 years…..until now.  I did find out yesterday that 2 neighboring towns (much smaller than the city that we live in) have farmer’s markets, which makes me happy, but they are on week nights and I don’t know how often we will actually make it.  THis morning I opened todays newspaper to find an article on the front page about “farm stands” in our city that are run by home gardeners/farmers.   These are folks that have 1-2 acre lots and have maximized their garden space and are selling their produce…..I am SO EXCITED!!!!!   I can’t wait to go visit the one that is closest to my house (walking distance if it isn’t too hot).

Do you have a favorite farm stand or favorite farmer’s market?  It is something I will never again take for granted!   And hopefully next year we will be growing most of our own produce!

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