More Changes…..

As I’ve mentioned a few times recently we have had a lot of changes in our lives this past several months.  One of those changes was that our last child graduated from the “traditional” Awana program…..our youngest child finished T&T (Truth & Training) a few weeks ago and earned her Timothy Award.

This was also the end of my & D’s career as Awana leaders (at least as of right now).    r will follow in her older siblings footsteps (this is her choice….we ask the kids to finish the program through 6th grade, if they continue beyond that point it is their choice and their goal and their motivation) and continue in the Awana Trek program (and then Journey when she’s in high school).  Right now her motivation to continue in the program is to continue competing in the Bible quizzing competitions, I don’t know how long that motivation will keep her in the program, but her brother’s motivation is to continue so that he can continue going to Awana Scholarship Camp 🙂   And speaking of camp, next week will be r’s first time heading off to camp.   First time she’ll be leaving Momma & Daddy for more than 2 days.  I am excited for her, I know she is going to have an amazing time and she already knows some of the kiddos that will be there…..some of her adopted Awana big brothers and sisters will be there as well as her real brother and at least one of her sisters (still waiting to hear if her other sister will still be there or not–as a counselor….R is there this week as a counselor, we are waiting to hear if she’ll get to continue in week 2 or not…..really praying that she does!   This is good for her, and it will be good for r to have R there 🙂 ).

Still more changes to come……lots of them lately 🙂

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