Today’s God Appointment….6/11/12

I posted about a week and half ago on my first Everyday Contentment post that our washer had stopped working and that I was doing laundry by hand.   Well, last week I called the company that we had bought our washer from and even though it technically is 2 months out of it’s warranty period, they said that they would fix it under warranty for us.  One technician came out last week and diagnosed the problem and said that they’d have to order the part and he’d be back one day this week to fix it.   On Friday afternoon they called and said they’d be here on Monday (today) to fix it.   So today at 2 pm the technician arrived.  But it was a different technician.   I thought it was a bit odd because I had been under the impression that it would be the same guy coming out (from talking to him last week).  Well, once the technician got the new part in today, he started the washer to see if it was going to work and when I heard the water running I went in and told him I was so thankful to not have to do laundry by hand anymore.   He told me that his girlfriend’s dryer had broke a few weeks ago and he couldn’t get to it for a few days because of a busy work schedule, and she had to take her laundry to the laundromat to get it all done.  So our conversation proceeded from there.   He mentioned that he was hmong and I told him that D and I had learned a lot about the hmong & laotian cultures when we were newlyweds.   I told him that we go to a church that has  a hmong and miehn (another group of people from Laos) church…..he said “I go to that church”.   Well, the story progressed from there and he told me that he hadn’t been in church in 10 years and that God had been showing him through others that he needed to get back to church……he went back the week before Easter and has been every week except last.   He shared with me how God is using music to draw Him nearer to Him, and to minister to the others in the congregation that he grew up in.   God is so good!!!!   It was so cool hearing his story and how God has been working in his life recently.  I knew that this was a time to not share my own story and not to interject too much, just let him talk.  Thank You God for today’s appointment!

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