A political rant….

Ok, I am warning my readers ahead of time, this is a rant, not a debate, just a rant. 🙂    If you don’t want to continue reading, I do understand 🙂

If you KNOW that the people in the social circles around you don’t agree with who you are voting for or what you are voting for, WHY oh WHY oh WHY do you post them on Facebook and/or Twitter and not expect some backlash?????    I just don’t get it!  Why invite the fight?   I know that my friends and family know where I stand politically, and who I don’t vote for and what I don’t agree with, and I know where most of them stand politically as well.  None of us need to post it publically just to get other’s dander up.   I just don’t get it!   The sad thing is, if I were to do the exact same thing, those same people would attack me for doing it!   Such double standards when it comes to politics…..it drives me absolutely batty!!!!!



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