Menu Planning for this week…..

I haven’t done any menu planning for a while, and REALLY need to get back into the habit of it again.   I am also going to participate in the Menu Plan Monday with Laura at “I’m an Organizing Junkie“….if you need menu inspiration, please head over there and check out the MANY MANY menu ideas.   I haven’t participated in MPM in probably well over a year, but really want to get back to it, and a few other blogging share/meme things that I have participated in in the past.   I miss those sharing times with others in the blogosphere 🙂

SO, here is our menu for this week, this does not include meals for the vegetarian in the house….I haven’t gotten organized enough in my head to do a plan for him.

Monday, 6/4/12

  • chili relleno casserole
  • seasoned pinto beans
  • spanish rice
  • green salad

Tuesday, 6/5/12

  • grilled chicken
  • homemade potato salad
  • green salad

Wednesday, 6/6/12 (we also have directory photos this night for our church directory)

  • corned beef
  • quinoa pilaf
  • honey glazed carrots
  • stir-fried zucchini
  • watermelon

Thursday, 6/7/12  (we are going to “the city” for a dear friend’s high school graduation)

  • ham & swiss chard frittata
  • fruit
  • yogurt & berry & granola parfaits

Friday, 6/8/12  (friends over for a bbq and swimming)

  • hot dogs, hamburgers
  • baked beans
  • cole slaw
  • fruit
  • ice cream and cookies OR Smores

Saturday, 6/9/12

  • sandwiches (don’t know yet if they will be cold-cuts or shredded meat of some sort)
  • chips
  • fruit

Sunday, 6/10/12

  • shrimp, salmon & veggie kabobs
  • brown rice pilaf
  • green salad
  • veggies

Monday, 6/11/12

  • homemade pizzas
  • salad

If you’d like to participate in the menu plan monday or just need ideas for your week’s menu, head over to Laura’s blog and check out this week’s menus….


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