Grocery store “blessings”

Today my eldest daughter and I had to go to “the city” to pick up her last paycheck (she worked this past semester at the local community college where she was going to school), go to the bank, a couple of medical things, and to do a little shopping.   “The city” near us, where we lived until 3 months ago, just opened a Super Walmart recently, so we went in there to check things out and I got some bananas for .48 per pound….. 21 cents less than I can find them anywhere else…WOOO HOOO!!!!   Then when we got back to town, I went to the grocery store, I got a bunch of fruit, veggies, etc, and then as I was heading to the meat area I stopped at the fast sell rack of produce and SCORED a HUGE bunch of ripe bananas for $1.99, and a package of 3 white peaches for .69 and another package of 2 mangoes for .99 …….   I was SUPER excited to pick up these treasures and cut them up and get them into the freezer for our morning smoothies!   I love saving money 🙂


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2 Responses to Grocery store “blessings”

  1. diarysahm says:

    Mmmm smoothies. I need to stock up on some fruit too.

    • This morning’s smoothies were DELICIOUS!!!! We use the V8Fusion juice and plain yogurt and whatever frozen fruits are in the house at the time. Hannah is an awesome smoothie maker (actually so is Rachel) 🙂 I LOVE when they make smoothies 🙂

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