Some of the changes in our lives…

On March 1 of this year we made our last move….we are buying our first home!   This has been a very exciting time in our lives 🙂   Not only do we have a BEAUTIFUL home, we also have a pool…..SUPER excited about staying cool this summer in the pool.   I do not tolerate the heat well, normally, but I am actually looking forward to this summer!   I’m insane, I know 🙂

Here are some pictures that I took of the home the first week we were living here (so lots of boxes around still, and no pictures or anything on the walls….we HAVE added things on the walls since then.  Not everything yet, but we do have stuff on the walls.

Here is the front of the house…..

walking in the front door….

Now in that same entryway, turn around, and here’s our front door from the inside….

if you turn right from the entryway, you head into the hallway…..

 And right around the corner on the right is M’s room.  He (and the girls) got to decorate their rooms however they wanted, and they paid every penny of it…..

around the corner to the right of M’s room is the girls’ room (part of our new home includes the fact that we not only have a larger home, we also have a stand alone game room that we will be putting a wall up in to divide it in half….right now it is R’s game room/the game room.  So for the first time since R was 3 years old and her brother was born, she has her own room again!  SO, this picture is of the “little girls” room (they aren’t LITTLE anymore, they are 14 and 11, but we still refer to them as the “little girls”).

And here is the beginning of the journey into our master bedroom….

And our master bathroom… excited about this bathroom, it is about 3 times the size of our old master bathroom 🙂

OK, now into the living room……this is straight forward from the entryway…..

Directly behind you from this shot of the vaulted ceiling and the fireplace is our dining room….

If you turn around from the above shot of the dining room bay window, you are looking into our GORGEOUS kitchen!   I love this kitchen….I love our home 🙂  Oh, and in the upper right corner of this picture is a cabinet, that cabinet will be coming down sometime in the near future 🙂   I REALLY want open sightlines from the kitchen into the dining room.

if you stand at my refrigerator and turn to your right, you’ll be at another hallway….the door at the end is into the garage, and the door on the right is my laundry room….both sides of which are banked with cabinets and a countertop…..I call it the butler’s pantry 🙂

Now, if you go back through the kitchen and dining room and through the sliding glass door, and look slightly to the left, this is your sight…..our game room/R’s bedroom

and to the right….

And then from the back of the yard, looking towards the house…

And slightly to the left….

welcome to our home!   So glad I am able to share it with you 🙂 


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2 Responses to Some of the changes in our lives…

  1. diarysahm says:

    I LOVE your new house, it’s beautiful. I want a house with a pool too LOL

  2. So excited for your family. Looking forward to buying our first house this year also!

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