Countdown to Thanksgiving…

Two of my friends posted this on facebook yesterday….I took the challenge, and would like to challenge all of my readers to take part in this as well!   IN FACT I think I’m going to challenge my family to do this, and we will do a Thanksgiving Tree again this year….we haven’t done one in several years.   Anyhow, back to the challenge, I will be posting on my facebook and here on my blog, as well as writing it on paper leaves here at home for our Thanksgiving Tree each day until Thanksgiving….would like to challenge all of you to do something like this as well….whether it is on your blog, on facebook, with your own family, or in your private journal.  Please take time to Give Thanks this month….

A challenge for all of us : Today marks 30 days until Thanksgiving, which means my statuses will include something I’m thankful for each day until Thanksgiving. Want to join me and help flood our Facebooks with little or big things we’re thankful to G-d for each day? Wouldn’t it be something to start a movement of gratefulness as we log on and read each others blessings- no matter how serious or silly, big or small, ordinary or extraordinary they can be? Believe me, it’s not easy some days, but such a wonderful habit to cling to. Blessings to you my Facebook friends as we kick start our holiday season!

SO, are YOU up for the challenge?  Count those blessings…..1 by 1 🙂

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