Another Mother’s Day…

I love my family so much!  They make Mother’s Day so incredibly special every year.   I am treated like a princess and spoiled rotten all day, and it is so nice to have the day off 🙂  I LOVE my ministry/job as wife and mom, but it is nice to everyone once in a while, be able to kick my feet up and let the rest of the family handle things for me.     Yesterday my precious family brought me breakfast in bed (I was fully dressed, because I had gotten up and gotten ready for church already….so I  sat up in the bed watching TV while the family was making breakfast and getting ready for church).  And then immediately after church we went to my mom-in-law’s home for lunch.   It was so nice, and we had a wonderful afternoon with family!  Even though it was cool and cloudy the kiddos swam in the pool for a bit, and that was fun and exciting 🙂   After swimming, they sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful backyard….I love watching my kids sit and enjoying one another not only as siblings but as friends!   One of the HUGE advantages of homeschooling our children is that they have grown up to be best friends in addition to siblings….I LOVE IT!  God has grown our family so much through this adventure that He called us to over 18 years ago.:)

It was nice to have a day off yesterday, and today it is back to reality….laundry, ironing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, schoolwork, and since the weather is going to be cool like yesterday hopefully some working outside as well.   We have yards to get ready for our Graduation party in 4 short weeks (SUPER excited, but there is so much to do in the meantime!) .

One of the bittersweet parts of Mother’s Day for me is not being able to call MY mom and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and share what is going on in our family.  I have forgiven, and sought God diligently about what I can do to restore my relationship with my mother, but no answer has come, and I know that she has moved at least once, if not twice, since the last time that I spoke with her over 10 years ago.  It makes me sad, but it also causes me to be a better mom, and a mom that will not allow bitterness or emotions come between me and my children, or really me and everyone.  There are sometimes some relationships that I have to let go, this sadly is one of them.   But God has allowed it, and it has taught me a lot along the way, and I am more dependant upon Him, which is a good thing 🙂

If you didn’t talk to your mom yesterday, it’s not too late, give her a call, tell her how much she means to you, and thank her for her sacrificial giving to you when you were a child.   If your mom isn’t around, call someone that is like a mom to you and show them your love and appreciation.

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