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I am peculiar, and thankful!

Something that some of my blog readers may not know is that I co-lead (more like co-moderate) a women’s Bible Study group.   This is something that I have had the blessed opportunity to do for over 5 years now, and … Continue reading

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A special treat!

Our family has decided that there is nothing better for special occasions as a treat as homemade candies.   We’ve never really “done” the whole Easter thing (meaning baskets, gifts, super special meals, etc….we’ve always tried to keep the focus of … Continue reading

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A special, but very easy dessert

Do you have any beautiful, special occasion desserts that look like you spent a lot of time, but are actually very quick and easy to put together?   I have a couple, and this weekend, I found a new one.    A … Continue reading

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Something funny…

Last week I wrote this post and mentioned that I hadn’t been to the Farmer’s Market in way too long.   Well, while I was there, talking to and buying wonderful spring produce from some of my favorite farmers EVERY ONE … Continue reading

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What a glorious weekend!

This past weekend is the best Resurrection Sunday weekend that I can remember for a long time.   We had plans with friends and family, which I was really looking forward to, but on Saturday morning our youngest woke up with … Continue reading

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Springtime in Central Cali

Well, spring has sprung!    For the first mid-April in many years we are actually having a real spring…..we don’t normally have much of a “spring”…..I know I’ve said it before, and I’m certain I’ll say it again, but here in … Continue reading

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A well stocked pantry…using up…

Well, this evening I  found another reason to maintain a well stocked pantry and freezer.  Today I didn’t really have to do much cooking….we had a pancake breakfast at  church that was late in the morning so for our family … Continue reading

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Tonight’s dinner….

Tonight’s dinner is another attempt at using up what I already had on hand.   I had a bag of corn tortillas that had been pushed to the back of the fridge and about a half pound of ground beef left … Continue reading

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Tonight’s dinner…

Earlier this week I made bread, 2 loaves worth of our regular whole wheat bread, and 2 loaves worth of jalapeno bread….I made these into 2 dozen rolls.  Well, I have a dozen plus a few more left, and they … Continue reading

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