From my kitchen window….

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done this, but tonight while I was preparing dinner (I use the word preparing loosely because we had you bake pizzas from Papa Murphy’s tonight….I planned for that because I knew we’d all be tired and sore from working in the yard, and I was right!).  Anyhow, while I was standing at the sink looking out my kitchen window and enjoying the sights of a the fruit of our labors today, I thought I need to post another “From my kitchen window”.….

Tonight while I was looking out my kitchen window, I could see our freshly mowed lawn, that my husband worked so hard on, and the little flower bed that my girls started today, and that the three younger (they are 10, 13 and 15) children worked so hard to dig the grass up for.  The rose bushes that were now neat and trimmed again, and our garden space that was weed free (mostly :)) and the 15 tomato plants, 6 pepper plants, 4 cucumber plants, 2 squash plants and one egg plant plant that were all planted today.  I was very thankful for (mostly) strong bodies to be able to do all of this hard work, and I prayed and asked the Lord to please bless the fruit of our labor and to bless our garden to produce fruits and vegetables not just for our family but so that we can bless others with as well.   I LOVE my kitchen window and the things that I enjoy so much from my kitchen window!

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