A conversation from my facebook page

So here’s a topic of discussion for the kind(s) of people I know: Is there a place in our society today for the kind of chivalry and heroism that you hear about it (in) historical and/or fictional tales of the past?

Another argument that was brought up on my young friends page was the
equality of the genders. It’s funny because this is a conversation that Don
and I have often. As a relatively young healthy and strong woman, that has lived enough of life to actually know a bit about life, I know that I CAN
NOT do everything a man can.  And I also know that a man
can not do some of the things that we as women were created for as well as
we can. Why? Because we WEREN’T created equally! Women were created with specific roles in life and men were created with specific roles in life and
God equipped each gender with the giftings and emotions and body types to fulfill those roles. Does that mean I can’t mow the lawn? Or haul my bags
of grains & beans in from the car when I get home from co-op day? No, I CAN
do those, I am slower, and am more prone to injury than a man is. And when
a child is hurt or injured, they will naturally go to their mommy more often than daddy because Mommy is going to be more nurturing and go to extra
lengths to comfort that child. Can a woman be a firefighter? Absolutely! however, if I were in a burning building, I would feel MUCH more confident seeing a man coming to rescue me, than a woman….a man’s body is built to handle that type of situation more efficiently than a woman’s body is.

What do you think?  What is your opinion on this?

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1 Response to A conversation from my facebook page

  1. Mari says:

    I completely agree! I think you’ve done a great job of explaining it.

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