A journey…

This morning I was asked by a dear friend why I was up and posting on facebook at 4:30.   Well, I’m always up at 4:30, just not normally on facebook that early (I was on facebook because I was checking in on a friend in Alabama to see if she had checked in after the tornadoes yesterday).   Anyhow, I told her I’d share my story on my blog about why I’m up so early…..

In January 2002 my honey started a new life adventure, he went back to school to get a certification in a certain type of computer work.  The program took him 18 months to complete (he went to school 2 nights a week after being at work 9 hours a day, and commuting 45 minutes each direction to and from work, and spent much of his freetime studying….all while being a husband and daddy to 4 beautiful blessings), after that 18 month period of time was over, he began the quest to get a job in a school district to be a computer technician.   At that time the state of California was in a very serious budget crisis and they put all hiring of public employees on hold, so it took several months for the school district that he wanted to work for to be able to open a job.  The job opened for applicants, he applied, went through the interview process and was hired to start the new job on 3/1/2004.  Our lives would be forever changed!   One of the ways that our lives changed is that his new job was over 2 hours from our (then) current home, which meant that my non-morning person hubby had to leave the house for work at 5:30 am each morning, and most evenings wasn’t getting home until close to 7 pm.   Because of ministry obligations at the church we were at the time, we couldn’t move until May 31.  SO, I started getting up in the mornings to make him a breakfast that he could take with him and eat while driving, and making his lunch each day (for the previous 14 years he had been taking leftovers and microwaving them each day….he no longer had those facilities available to him).  Little did I know on 3/1/2004 that this is a habit that would very quickly go from chore to blessing, and that I would LOVE to do each day!   When we moved closer to his job he still has a 35-40 minute commute each way, which is fine, and I still continued getting up at 4:45 and started spending time with the Lord each morning, exercising, getting things done around the house as well as making breakfast for my honey and Iget to sit down together each morning for a few minutes of alone time, and packing his lunch.  This is a time of day that I very dearly cherish and treasure, and take advantage of 6 days a week.   On Saturdays I stay in bed until my man gets up 🙂    So, what started out as getting up to pack food for my honey for his very long days of work and commuting, has become a time of day that I love and cherish and wouldn’t trade for much 🙂

So for those of you that think I’m crazy, nuts, insane, etc for getting up when I do, now you know the back story 🙂    And nah, I’m not crazy, nuts, or insane, just love my quiet and peaceful time, and serving my family 🙂

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