A special treat!

Our family has decided that there is nothing better for special occasions as a treat as homemade candies.   We’ve never really “done” the whole Easter thing (meaning baskets, gifts, super special meals, etc….we’ve always tried to keep the focus of Resurrection Sunday ON THE RESURRECTION….we have done egg hunts with friends and with family, but I don’t really remember a year when it was just us at our home when we’ve done a special meal, or an egg hunt or anything like that….but that is for another post :)).  Anyhow, we’ve never really done that before, but this year, since R is 18 and a Sr. and this is her last year “as a kid”, I wanted to do some special stuff for Easter.   We, as a family, decorated eggs, and we did an egg hunt, and I also made some special homemade candies as a special surprise for the kids.   It was a lot of fun having a special surprise for them yesterday.   I used this recipe and increased the milk to 3 Tbsp, but next time will increase it to 4 Tbsp so that they will be more creamy and easier to deal with.  It made 30 eggs….they were a little too big so next time I’ll make them smaller.   I dipped half of them in white chocolate and half in belgian dark chocolate.

Here’s what the finished products looked like

I also made Oreo Truffles (which are a HUGE favorite of our family…AND everyone that we’ve made them for 🙂 ).   This time I dipped half of them in white chocolate and half of them in the same belgium dark chocolate that I used for the peanut butter eggs.    The only change that I make to the original Oreo Truffle recipe is that I freeze the truffles for at least an hour before dipping them in the chocolate (And I don’t use the chocolate that they recommend for dipping, I use a good quality chocolate that I would eat).

I put some around the strawberry tart to add some contrast to the plate 🙂

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