Some advent thoughts

This past Sunday began the season of advent.  Advent is the season on the Christian calendar where we anticipate the  birth of the Savior (Jesus Christ).   As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we are now worshipping at a new church with a new group of believers.  All of last week I wondered if our new church was going to celebrate Advent or not, and if they do, will it be just glazed over, or will it be complete with an advent wreath, lighting of the candle, with advent devotions, etc.   I was THRILLED to walk in on Sunday morning and see the advent wreath and the candles just waiting to be lit.  THANK YOU LORD!!!!   It is something I’ve missed very very much the past couple of years.  Our previous church stopped doing an advent wreath with candles a few years ago, and it is something that I’ve REALLY missed, and the advent season has not seemed complete!   Now I know that we can and should do this at home, but it is so nice celebrating it as a church family!

For the past few years I’ve gotten a couple of advent devotions delivered to my email inbox every day during the advent season and I have kind of haphazardly read through them and really reflected on the anticipation of the birth of my Saviour.   This year, I’ve been very excitedly following an advent devotional from on their reading plans.  One of the readings this week was from Luke 2:21-40.   It was about Simeon and Anna in the temple and how they had been waiting for the Messiah to be born and to come to the temple for his circumcision.   I have always been struck by the faithfulness and devotion of both Simeon and Anna.  Anna had been at the temple day and night worshiping and fasting for an undetermined (by the text, I haven’t dug hard enough to find just how long she had been there) length of time….after Simeon prayed for the Christ child, Anna spoke to those that would listen about Him.   I’ve always been struck by her devotion… much so that I wanted to name our 2nd born daughter Anna (we instead decided on a variation of the name).   I pray that my life would be so devoted to the Lord that I would follow Him without question and without concern of time.

This advent season, actually this season in my life, I am so excited to be falling so deeply in love with the Bridegroom, and His love letter to me!  On the days that I let life get in the way (like today) and don’t spend time with Him in His Word, I miss it, and I long for the time to spend with Him.   I am so thankful for the events (although they’ve been a trial, and a hard thing to go through, and the Lord is having to do some major healing of my heart) that have lead to my passion for Him and His Word.  I want to know Him and be made complete in Him.

Come Jesus Come.

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