The “WHY” of worship

Last night we went to the “Night of Worship” event at the church we’ve been visiting the past 3 weeks.   It was an amazing night of multi-cultural worship and a WONDERFUL dinner provided by the Hmong & Laotian families of the Mienh church.  The praise team from the main church started the evening and led us in worship for several songs, and then the Mienh youth came and led us for 4 songs.  The Mienh worship leader was giving some introduction to one of my all time favorite songs of all times “Name Above all Names”….anyhow, as he was introducing the song, he said that there are many different reasons for the “how” of worship, and many different answers to the “where” and “when” of worship, but there is just one answer to the “WHY” of worship.   He gave a very beautiful and eloquent response, but it basically boiled down to the “why” is to bring glory to our God and Risen Saviour.   That one little statement made the whole night perfect for me!   I hadn’t ever really given any thought or at least not much thought to the “why” of worship…     It made me really think about all of the times that I get distracted during worship, and how I sometimes have other things on my mind.  If I am to TRULY worship God, I need to make sure that I’m leaving all of the other stuff behind.   I really want to focus more on giving my all for my “all in all”….for my Lord!   Leaving home and the “to do lists” and everything else AT HOME, and when I’m in corporate worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ, focusing wholly on that!

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