Menu Planning for the week of 2/14/10

Today, Valentine’s Day, is our oldest daughter “R”s 17th birthday!  she is a beautiful young lady that loves the Lord with all of her heart, mind & body!   In our home, the birthday person gets to pick the entire menu for the day.   So that is why I have the whole menu for all of our meals for today listed.

Also, last week, well, let’s just say it was a VERY rough week.   I had 4 friends that lost family members and had funerals or are planning funerals, I had a friend that lost her baby (he died in utero, and she had to have a d&c), and it was just a generally busy week to start with.   Add to that being sick one night, and our menu kind of fell apart last week.   SO this week there will be several carry over meals (and I’m hoping I don’t have to replace any of the produce for those meals).

Sunday, 2/14/10

Costco muffins
sausage links
frozen hashbrowns (baked of course :))

pasta salad

chicken tacos

Marie Callendar’s lemon double cream pie

Monday, 2/15/10
smoked pork (sandwiches)
cole slaw
macaroni salad (with pasta wheels)

Dessert–  brownie sundaes (with heath bars)

Tuesday, 2/16/10
spicy honey glazed chicken
butternut squash & quinoa pilaf
steamed broccoli
green salad

Wednesday, 2/17/10
cube steak skillet stew
mashed potatoes
steamed baby carrots
spinach salad

Thursday, 2/18/10 (dinner guest)
chicken noodle soup
ww herbed french bread
green salad
lemon bars

Friday, 2/19/10
garlic lime salmon
mushroom & barley pilaf
baked sweet potatoes
sauteed swiss chard or other greens

Saturday, 2/20/10
spinach pasta casserole
beet & apple slaw

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