Something’s bothering me….

….and since this is my blog, my online journal, I am going to share it with you all.   Something that I’ve noticed in the past couple of years (mostly in our community, but also in the U.S. in general) is that Christians are getting weak in sharing what they believe to be true in regards to traditional family values and Biblical values in the name of “love”.   Doesn’t Ephesians tell us to speak the truth in love….especially in regards to building up the “body of Christ”.  (Ephesians 4:14-16).   Ok, so here’s what’s got me frustrated.   A lot of the younger people that I know, love and respect are falling into not believing and standing up for traditional biblical family values as lined out in the Bible.   They also are “bashing” organizations such as Focus on the Family and Family Life for standing strong in the conviction of pro-life, pro-family, etc.  They are saying that these organizations are promoting hate in the name of Jesus or that they are divisive.     The way I see it is that one of two things (or very probably both) are happening in our country, either our churches are teaching a watered down view of sin so as to not offend anyone or to not seem like “haters” (which we aren’t!  God specifically shows through Christ’s life and ministry as lined out in the Gospels–Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, as well as in the life and ministry of Paul, Peter, John, and the other disciples, that we are to love the sinners (everyone!) but to hate the sin (which we all have!)).   Ok, so back to that thought 🙂  ….either our churches are teaching a watered down view of sin so as to not offend anyone or to not seem like “haters”, OR the liberal agenda in this country has so incredibly permeated our churches that “we” have become brainwashed to believe that if we don’t tolerate the sin (which is NOT what I have read to be true in the Bible that I read and believe…think about Jesus and the moneychangers in the temple, He was ANGRY about the sin that was happening there) then we don’t tolerate the person committing the sin.    I am a sinner, and sometimes my sin’s hurt others…..I would not expect my friends/family/whomever to let me continue to sin and hurt others (or myself for that matter!) without saying something so as not to hurt my feelings!  If I am engaging in activity that is sinful, and I have justified it in my own heart (don’t we often do that with sin?), I would EXPECT my friends/family/church body to point that out to me.  Will it hurt my feelings?  Probably!  Will it make me mad?  Maybe.  Will it be for my eternal good?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!   Will I turn away from my friends for pointing it out?   DEFINITELY NOT, it will bring me closer to them once I have repented!   Shouldn’t we, as a church in our country love sinners enough to share Christ with them, and the TRUE gospel…Roman’s 3:23-24, John 3:16-18, John 3:3, 5-7 & 13   among MANY.   Shouldn’t we be teaching our children, and our friends, and anyone that God has called us to share the Gospel with that we are ALL sinners, and that the wages of sin is death, and that Christ came to die so that we wouldn’t have to?  Our sins were all nailed to the cross with Christ…..ALL of our sins, no matter how unforgiveable you think your sin is, God can and will forgive it if only you ask.   But first you have to admit that you are a sinner, and tht you have a need for a saviour.   I think that our churches and our society in general have left the sin portion out of the gospel message…..I think that we have watered down our gospel to not point out anyone’s specific sin.  Again, I think that that is really damaging and it is causing organizations like Focus on the Family, Family Life, and other Christian organizations that stand firm in their faith in God and His word to be thought of by the younger generations of believers in our country to be promoting a message of hate.  It is NOT hate, it is TRUTH!!!!!!   And shame on us older Christians that have not wanted to offend, and haven’t taught the younger generations the TRUTH!!!!!

Lord, please forgive me for my part in this degradation of your Word, and your TRUTH.  Please make me BOLD in my faith, and to love others enough to share these truths with them.  And to love them no matter what!  Just as You have loved me.   In Jesus precious & holy name, Amen.

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4 Responses to Something’s bothering me….

  1. Paul Belt says:

    Lori – good train of thought and observation.
    The word that has been a time-bomb in and among Christians is “tolerance”. Given to us by the world to mean “everything is good!” or “all is grey”, as opposed to black and white.
    In this tolerance-world if you so much as stand for something you are being a “hater”.
    So the time-bomb is ticking and its not “IF” but “when” will the a Believer reach the point of tolerance-induced numbness and become to afraid to “believe” in the only true God and what He Says!?! as the world places the hell-bound explosive in our hands and we say “thank you?”

  2. Mari says:

    Amen! I think you said it well!

  3. Barbara Smith says:

    Your statement is so true. I totally agree with you. We have been, or in the process of being, lulled to sleep. Thanks for your boldness in speaking out. May we all who love Christ and have accepted Him into our lives use you as an example to speak up and speak out for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. Shelley says:

    Well said… must be in the air. Thanks for sharing your thoughts….

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