Why my kids eat what they eat….

Recently my kids have heard a lot of “You mean you’ve never eaten ____________?   REALLY?  Well what do you eat?”   The fill-in the  blank has been for things like pasta-roni, spaghetti-os, canned ravioli’s, poptarts, etc (all highly processed, pre-packaged, “kid food”).   While some of these items, they truly have never had, or at least not that I can remember, some of them are items they have either not had in YEARS AND YEARS, or they ate them when they were so young they wouldn’t remember (or they weren’t born yet :)).   I don’t  feel that I need to, or want to apologize for my kids not eating these highly processed, pre-packaged foods or foods that are commonly labeled as “kid food”, but I do want to explain a little bit why, and explain our food philosophy. 🙂   First of all, those types of  foods rarely if ever made it into our house when the kids were little for budget reasons.   Back then it was MUCH cheaper to cook fresh foods from scratch than it was to buy the pre-made, pre-packaged equivalents, not to mention MUCH healthier.   But around the time that I got pregnant with M (which would have been when R was 2) I started to learn about whole foods.  Basically eating the foods that God gave us, in the form closest to the way He created them.  I learned that this was a health-sustaining and economical way to feed our family on a very tight budget (VERY VERY TIGHT!!!!) .   I learned how to grind wheat into flour using an electric grain mill that I borrowed from a friend, and how to make whole grain breads and muffins and cookies from scratch.  Then I learned how to use natural sweeteners, more fresh fruits & veggies, less meat (not vegetarian, but instead using meat as a flavoring agent, not as the main dish), more beans and a variety of grains.    The kids grew up eating these foods.  They grew up eating the same foods that D and I were eating….we never did the “kid food” thing.  It is not something we ever even gave any thought to, first of all, we didn’t necessarily like those foods for a daily basis, and couldn’t afford to prepare two sets of food for every meal.    Also, I had a fantastic  example in my next door neighbor and friend, she fed her son the same things that they were eating too.    And in all honesty, I didn’t want my kids to be eating different things than we were….that’s not the way I was raised, not the way my mom & dad were raised, and MOST DEFINITELY not the way my grandparents were raised.   My kiddos grew up eating normal foods, and developed fairly refined palates at a young age.   Now all of that is not to say that we didn’t eat hot dogs, burgers, corn dogs, mac & cheese, etc, because we did!  But it was on an “every once in a while” basis.  Not daily, or even in most cases a weekly basis.    SO, all of this leads up to why my kids knew what baba ghanouj were at the age of 2, have been eating tofu & hummus since their first birthdays, and have never (until recently anyhow :)) had Pasta-Roni, and don’t really remember what a pop-tart tastes like.    Just in case you wanted to know, “why my kids eat what they eat….” 🙂

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1 Response to Why my kids eat what they eat….

  1. Amy says:

    And that is ONE of the reasons I admire you! 🙂 I would love to sit and pick your brain one day re: all your ways!!! 🙂 Keep up the great work!!!!

    Amy I would love to do that! 🙂

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