Menu planning for the week of 2/7/10

Last week we did pretty well with the menu, all of the food was DELISH!  And Other than one night when we chose to order out (we did it because the restuarant was donating ALL proceeds (including the employees donating their time and tips that day) to relief for Haiti……they made $18,500 that day!!!!) we did stick to the menu, and really enjoyed the organization and the tasty food 🙂

Here’s this week’s menu (I am actually typing this out on Friday the 5th, and won’t be going to farmer’s market until tomorrow, so the veggies are subject to change based on what I get there):

Sunday, 2/7/10
Super Bowl Sunday!
Gumbo in bread bowls
bbq sausages
tortilla chips & homemade salsa & guacamole
pita chips with homemade hummus and crab dip
fruit salad

Monday, 2/8/10
spicy honey glazed chicken
butternut squash & quinoa pilaf
steamed broccoli
green salad

Tuesday, 2/9/10
cube steak skillet stew
mashed potatoes
steamed baby carrots
spinach salad

Wednesday, 2/10/10
crock-pot chicken jambalaya
brown rice

Thursday, 2/11/10
spinach pasta casserole
beet & apple slaw

Friday, 2/12/10
garlic lime salmon
mushroom & barley pilaf
baked sweet potatoes
sauteed swiss chard or other greens

Saturday, 2/13/10
basic black bean soup
salad (as of right now I’m thinking of a mexican type salad with corn, a grain, peppers, cilantro, etc)
fruit salad
corn muffins

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