Heart’s Journey, Day 8

Well, this past several days have been pretty good!   The words from my mouth (and from my fingers on the computer) have been (for the most part) reflective of an attitude of gratitude.   I am thankful to my Lord and Saviour for showing me how the world had crept back into my heart and was pouring forth from my mouth.   So, now that the mouth is under control, everything is hunky dory right?   NOPE!!!!   It’s still in this heart of mine!   I find myself still with an inner attitude of negativity.  Thankfully I have a knowledge of just what it is now, and it isn’t pouring forth….. you know what I mean?       I am  so thankful that I have the Holy Spirit to show me these attitudes of the heart…..I’ve been praying daily (and sometimes hour by hour) for healing.   And I know that God is working on it, but I keep taking it all back.

Why is it that we hand it over to God and give Him control, and then take it all back?   I surely hope I’m not the only one that does that!   I so desperately want a heart that reflects Him from the inside out in ALL of my attitudes and in ALL situations, not just most of them.   And when the Holy Spirit shows me where I’m holding onto the world, I give it to God but it really doesn’t take long before I’m taking it all back…..why?   Why do i torture myself that way?  🙂     I know why…..it’s a process!   God’s word says that we are a work in progress until the “day of completion”….which I believe is the day we die or the day that the Lord returns.    Thank you Lord for continuing to show me just how much you love me through the work that you continue in my life!   I pray that I could finally hand all of the negativity over to you so that we can work on the next thing 🙂

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1 Response to Heart’s Journey, Day 8

  1. Trudy says:

    Hi Lori. What an honest post. Sometimes I don’t even notice my negativity. I have a hard time giving it all up and trusting God. Like you said this is when prayer comes in and is like our spiritual fitness. Thanks for the good reminder!

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