Today’s “tip of the day” :)

What to do when you’ve got more fruit in your fridge than you can reasonably use before it loses all nutritional value? Freeze it and use for smoothies, shakes, sorbets, ice cream, jams & jellies & sauces or to flavor your yogurt. Don’t let your fruit rot on the ground from your fruit trees….bless someone else with it, or list it on freecycle! Your mess is someone else’s blessing!

This was inspired because our middle daughter has been on a smoothie craze lately, but we keep running out of fruit….fresh and frozen!   And I’m spending a small fortune on frozen fruits to keep her smoothie habit going.   When I was looking at different frozen fruit blends the other day I realized that I can be making my own frozen fruits from the bounty of our valley.  As I drive up and down the streets I see so many fruit trees full of fruit with piles of fruit on the ground underneath them that just never gets used.   It makes me so sad!   If only I were brave enough to stop and talk to those folks and ask if I could pick their fruit for them and take some……just not brave enough!

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