Looking forward to the next several weeks….

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that our attempts at most types of gardening here in our current home have been very lackluster.   When I do get things to grow, they get eaten by unseen pests (still don’t know what exactly it is that eats my basil and mint!), or what is more typical, they just don’t thrive!   Most would say “oh, you just don’t have a green thumb”….but I know that that isn’t true, because for many years at our old house I had a very large very successful garden.    I think that the biggest issue here is the soil.   The soil at our house is VERY poor, and I have paid a small fortune to amend the little bit that I HAVE gotten to successfully grow some things.  SO, I am going to try one more thing and I’m praying that the Lord will make this last effort thrive 🙂   I’m going to try my hand at square foot gardening.   My honey has agreed to build some garden boxes for me in our front flower bed.  I was surveying the area yesterday, and I think that I can fit two 4 x 4′ boxes and one 2 x 8′ box in that flower bed and still keep the rose bushes (we will have to keep them trimmed back, which is FINE with me!!!).   My plan is to do tomato plants, basil, and another herb or two in the 2 x 8′ bed.   One of the 4 x 4′ bed will be peppers, onions, japanese eggplant, and kirby cucumbers (or if I can find another “heirloom” variety of cucumber that will be good for table use AND pickling).   The other 4 x 4′ bed will be my “salad bed”….I will grow radishes, lettuces, other herbs, etc in that bed.    I would also LOVE to try to find a dwarf orange or dwarf lemon tree to put in the corner of the back yard.

I am really excited to start this endeavor in the next few weeks!!!!   Hoping to possibly buy the lumber for the beds in a week or two, and have them completed by the end of the month so that I can get my “salad bed” started.  Everything else will not be able to be started until danger of a late  frost is gone (late March-ish).

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  1. Shelley says:

    This is very similar to 60 minute gardening… I love this book you can buy it used on amazon… very easy and it teaches you what to plant next to each other to avoid pests…. very simple very inexpensive… I don’t use every concept but most for sure….

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