19 years and counting….

Yesterday the love of my life and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.   I love my man!  We were married at a relatively young age, and we have grown up together.   We are TRULY happily married….we never fight (no that is NOT an exageration), I think that in our 19 years, I could count on one hand how many arguments we have had, and they’ve never been about anything that was truly important!   We truly love spending time with one another.  We are partners in every area of our lives….home, parenting, marriage, friendship, and ministry…..most often, if one of us is doing something to serve God or our church body, or the community, we both (or even our whole family) is doing it.   I love my man!

Thought I’d share our wedding picture…..yes, it’s a polaroid, we eloped 🙂

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1 Response to 19 years and counting….

  1. Mari says:

    Happy Anniversary! A happy marriage is a true blessing!

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