I need help from you all :)

Ok, I need some decorating help!   Last year for Christmas my family bought a coffee house/bistro style print for me for our dining room.   It was something that I REALLY wanted, and had been eyeing at Michaels for quite some time.   So it was very exciting when I opened that gift on Christmas morning.   I had some Christmas money and bought another similar print to be paired with it.  Well, these two beautiful pieces of artwork just got hung over the weekend (yes, almost a year later!!!!).   Well, now that they are hung, the wall looks a little off balance.  I needs something else to be hung to the right of the whole arrangement…..this is where I need your help!   What should I hang there?

These are the prints (sorry about the glare)…

And here are a couple of different views of that wall…..

Any ideas?  Anyone?  Anyone?

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6 Responses to I need help from you all :)

  1. Mari says:

    I love those prints! I’m not great at this but I think maybe one of those small shelves to the right and a little lower than the bigger print. Maybe a little candle or something like that could go on it, then hang the other print on the right and above the shelf. Does that make sense?

  2. I always decorate in odd numbered stuff.
    Also, if you have a swag you could hang there – any type of plant would add “life” to your grouping too.

    Can’t wait to see how you fix it up!

  3. annie says:

    I would lower them first and maybe center one over the booth along the one wall and the other centered along the booth or bench on the other wall.

  4. Momma Bug says:

    I agree with Annie in regards to lowering them.
    Have you thought of hanging a plate or three?
    You may have a pretty one you’d enjoy looking at on the wall, and if not, thrift stores are excellent for finding something pretty.

    Some other ideas are: *a wall mounted candle holder
    *a mirror
    *You could stencil some words under/over the
    grouping, or as a boarder up high.
    There certainly are lots of ideas floating out there, many of which cost little to nothing to do.
    I’m sure you’ll get excited about something!
    I hope you post your solution:-)


  5. Gail says:

    I’m very challenged when it comes to this kind of stuff but looks like you got some ideas! I think putting a tall plant or tree in the corner is a good one to fill up that space. Annie might have a good idea about lowering them….or maybe do a grouping, like with plates. Sometimes you can find those iron wall plaques to hang that are bigger and you might can group them with something like that. You’ll have to show a picture if you change it up!

  6. Julie B. says:

    I would put a small shelf with a few decorative coffe cups hanging from the bottom and on top a coffee scented candle and maybe some other bistro type accesories 🙂

    Ooooh, Julie, I LOVE that idea! Right now I have a pretty little Christmas wreath there, but I think that I’ll get to Michaels and get a wood shelf and paint it the same color as the picture frames and start looking for a couple of mugs…..LOVE that idea 🙂 Thanks Julie! 🙂

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