It’s SUNDAY!!!! Yay yay yay!

Ok, I wrote the following this morning before I went to church……will follow it with how the morning went……

Yay, my favorite day!

And Oh BOY is God going to be dealing with some STUFF in me today!  This morning I woke up with a prayer in my hearts and on my lips.   A prayer for healing from a critical/cynical spirt, and for the Holy Spirit to fill me with a spirit of unity and love and peace.   So THEN I open my Bible to read the verses that our Pastor sent out in our weekly e-newsletter to be prepared for today’s message…..YEP!  Spirit of unity, putting aside selfishness, etc, etc, etc.    I can’t wait to hear the message and KNOW that the Lord is going to be workin on me!   My heart says “YAY!!!!”, but my flesh is saying “Today?  Really!?”   But that was my prayer 🙂   hehehehe 🙂

During 2nd service I’m going to go to the new Target and get toiletries and household stuff.  Then we’ll come home after church, have lunch, take naps, and then get started on getting everything ready for the week! 🙂  I have 2 weeks worth of math to grade, and need to help R find some resources for her research paper for Biology.
I’ll also be working on laundry and getting my kitchen rescued…..for the past 2 days I’ve only been home long enough to cook meals, not to clean up after them…..and my poor kitchen is REALLY showing it!

Praying you all have a blessed Sunday.

Ok, so I went to church prepared to have God do some surgery on my heart…..what God spoke to me personally from those scriptures isn’t exactly what our Pastor was giving to the congregation.   I was so inner-focused that I didn’t realize the outer impact of those words from the Bible.    I found it profound that the Lord had woken me with a clear message on my life, and that His word confirmed that when I had my quiet time, and then our Pastor had a completely different take on it!   One more proof that God’s word is living and active and more powerful than any two-edged sword!!!!!  GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!

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1 Response to It’s SUNDAY!!!! Yay yay yay!

  1. Mari says:

    God is good! All the time! I love it when God speaks to me like that. I may not always like what He says, but it is good. Glad you were blessed.

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