Thankful that Halloween is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted this to my local Flylady group a couple of minutes ago….

Wooohoo!  This day is OVER WITH!!!   I was reminded this evening just why I despise Halloween so much!  I went into the supermarket  by my house this afternoon to get more candy (we only had a small bag, and I was sure I wouldn’t be enough) and THREE of the employees had fake blood dripping down their faces/necks and fake “raw” flesh on their faces.   It was SOOOOO disgusting, and I was VERY VERY VERY thankful that my children weren’t with me!   They have enough problems with the icky decorations in the stores.

Thankful that tomorrow is a new day and that all of the disgusting Halloween stuff will be out of all of our stores!!!!

I actually came to post this, not to rant on about Halloween, but to ask you all a question.   For those of you that live in neighborhoods, did you notice a VAST decrease in trick-or-treaters this year?   When D or I went driving this evening, we barely saw any kids this evening, and I only had about 7 kids and one teenage/young adult girl come to my door.   Anyhow, did anyone else notice a HUGE decrease this year?

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3 Responses to Thankful that Halloween is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mari says:

    Yes – we only had my nieces and often get about 20 other years. I worked today and some of the girls had very few, but a few had a lot. We think a lot of people are going to things like Trunk or Treat that the churches around here are doing.

  2. Mommaofmany says:

    I think everyone came to my neighborhood. It was packed over here! Half the time the kids didn’t bother saying “Trick or treat” They just shoved their bags in the doorway then walked away without a thank you. My porch lights may stay off next year…

    Hi Momma, you know, we NORMALLY aren’t home on Halloween because we dislike it so much! My kids really hate the costumes, they don’t like other kids “begging for candy” (their words, not mine!), and so once we moved here to “the south valley” and out of the country and our old church (that held a Hallelujah Happening fall festival every Halloween) we started going out on Halloween. We normally do something with another family….in the past couple of years we’ve gone to dinner and then the movies, or to dinner and then bowling……but this year, we had to be up early today (the 1st) to go to Fresno for AWANA games and couldn’t “afford” a late night. So we stayed home…..thankfully it was mostly painless…..the worst part was when I went to the store and had to be subjected to the GROSSNESS of the store employees there!!!!

  3. annie says:

    We did trunks of fun at church, where no scary costumes were allowed… it was fun but I’m glad it’s over too. Just wishing Christmas wasn’t so in my face already… can’t we enjoy November first 🙂 ?

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