It’s a good kind of a tired…..

Today I got to do one of my favorite things….I served my God and community and church by working along side my family at a school carnival.   YES, we homeschool but our church has adopted an inner-city school that is VERY low income, and we help them with lots of different things throughout the year.  One of the things that we’ve done for the past 3 years is to help them with a school carnival.   Oh it is SOOOO much fun!  And something that we can do as a family…..we even have Miss r and Miss H (they are 8 and 11) out there helping at the game and food booths.   It is a lot of fun interacting with the teachers, students and parents/grandparents.   They are such neat people, and they love their families and their community, and want to see their kids succeed in life.  They want their children to have more than they do now, they want them to do well in school, graduate from high school, have a chance for job training or to go to college and to stay out of the gangs.  This particular neighborhood is very active gang territory and most of these children know and/or love someone that has been a victim of some level of gang violence or that are in gangs.    In some ways there are so many difference between my family and these families……we know EXACTLY when our next meal will be and where it will come from, many of these children/families don’t know how they will feed their children one simple meal per day.   We know that D will be going to work on Monday and that he will bring home a paycheck on Friday….many of these families don’t even know where their Mom/Dad are, let alone if they will have a job on Monday or bring home a paycheck.   Those are the differences…..but they have so many of “Sames” as we do…….those mommies love their children just as much as I do.  Those Daddies are just as proud of their children doing well in school as D is.   Those children look up to their mommies and daddies (even when there is drug/alcohol/gang involvement) just like my children do, and they expect to be protected just like my children do….and they are!   The other same that they have?   They have the EXACT SAME opportunity as I do to serve a God that will love them, care for their basic needs, and give them eternal life.   And many of them are asking how to have that opportunity!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

So today I’m tired, but it’s a good tired!   Heading off to bed now folks…..I’ll post more tomorrow or Monday 🙂

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1 Response to It’s a good kind of a tired…..

  1. Mari says:

    We are blessed and it’s so good to be able to help others. I know you are feeling a “good” tired!

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