In just over a week……

is voting/election day.   I am thankful that God is in control, and that He knows the outcome of the election before the first vote is cast, and He knows the consequences of that outcome on our school districts, our cities, our counties, our states, and our country and even the world, as our federal elections will affect the outcome of world events in the coming years.   I have always voted, and always done it prayerfully and with great thought, but not once in my 22 years of voting history (if you are good mathematicians you have now figured out that I am 40 years old) have I felt the importance of this election.   Yes, every election is important, but there is so much more riding on this year’s election.   Not only is this probably the most important presidential election of my generation, but if you live in CA, we are voting on one of the most important ballot issues in the history of the state of California….and for those of you that don’t live in California, I can guarantee that the outcome of our election this year WILL affect your state eventually.   For those of you that haven’t heard, there is a ballot measure in the state of California this year that could change the entire moral fabric of our schools (and the California Educators Association is trying to convince voters that Proposition 8 has nothing to do with our schools….BOLONEY!!!!!!!), our churches, our homes, etc.    If you don’t know what it is that I’m speaking of, it is Proposition 8….. here’s a little history….

A few years ago, California voters voted a law in that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman ONLY.  Well, this past spring the wonderful (said with the most sarcastic tone that I can muster) appellate court in our state overturned that ruling and made gay marriage legal in the state of California.  Has it affected our schools?  Yep! Please read this article…..  Has it affected our churches?  YEP!!!!   The churches that still believe that homosexuality is a sin and that marriage should only be between a man and woman are  being ostracized and labeled as “intolerant”.  Has it affects our homes?  Sure has!  I have heard friends and acquaintances discuss with their VERY YOUNG children why our media is being BLASTED with pictures of men marrying men and women marrying women…..  Our children are being introduced to concepts that I believe are too mature for their development, but as parents, we don’t have a choice!  We need to make God’s word known to them, even in areas that they are not ready for in order to protect them.   And how many of us have been invited to same sex weddings?  And then had to deal with the ramifications of saying no?   I’m sure many more than we’d like to say!

Folks, this is probably one of the most important elections in our generation (to date, anyhow)….PLEASE take the time to pray over your voting decisions and the ballot measures on your ballot, the officials that are running, etc.  PLEASE take the time to VOTE on November 4.    And PLEASE take the time to pray for our country during this very difficult time.

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2 Responses to In just over a week……

  1. Mari says:

    I agree that this is such an important election. I’ll be voting – and praying!

  2. Gail says:

    I was sad when that marriage law got overturned in your state…..this election scares me too. It worries me more than most any I can ever remember and I’m afraid the outcome is not going to make me happy either! Yep, praying about it is what we need to do.

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