I have a few minutes :)

Hi everyone,

Well, this will be a short post because I only have a few minutes….we have friends coming over for lunch after church (I went to 1st service…like normal, and they went to 2nd service because they (they being our friends) had some girls spend the night last night and took them to 2nd service for our High School youth service….so I have a bit of time before I have to go back to the kitchen to work on lunch).

Well, things have been busy around here since my last post (which I think was early in August, if I remember correctly).   The biggest thing that I’ve personally been dealing with since that time is coming to terms with the fact that I do have a chronic health condition that comes and goes and that does limit my capabilities  to be the wife, mother and friend that I desire to be.    I’ve dealt with this condition (vertigo that varies from being mild to very severe depending on the particular “episode”) for almost 8 years now, but it gets worse each year and this past year when I am having an episode those episodes are lasting longer and longer.   For the past 7 years I’ve just taken each episode as it has come and just get through it (the episodes can last for as short as a few hours to as long as  8 weeks), but over the summer I came to realize that t his is a chronic condition that I really need to treat as an illness and rather than working my life around each episode, I need to work my condition into my life……I know that that doesn’t make sense, but I’m not the best at articulating these thoughts clearly.    For the past 7+ years I have prayed for healing from this condition, and it has not been in the Lord’s will for Him to heal me, and I know the the Lord has used this condition to work in my life, so over the past couple of months my prayer has been for God to show me how He wants me to change through my health problems.   One of the BIG things that He has shown me is that I needed to change my priorities.   I’m still working on that, but one of the things that I have done is to start saying “No” when I am asked to do things that I realistically can’t FULLY commit myself to….and boy has that been a BIG shock to the ministry leaders in our church!   In our 4  years at our church, I rarely so no to serving my God and my church through whatever means I’m asked to.  But God has shown me that I need to get my priorities in order.

Something else that I’ve learned is that in MY life I have two different types of priorities…..physical priorities and heart priorities.  Physical priorities are those that require my body to be used (obviously), and they now (after much prayer and introspection!!!) are different from my heart priorities.

My heart priorities are in this order:

1)  God

2) Husband

3) children

4) church

5) others

My physical priorities are NOW:

1) family  (and myself in order to be able to better serve my family)

2) church and community

3) others

Well, my time is just about up, but I wanted to share with you all where my heart has been these past several weeks while I’ve been away from you all!

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4 Responses to I have a few minutes :)

  1. Mari says:

    Vertigo can be really tough and I’m sorry that you have been dealing with this. I would say you have your priorities in order and I’m praying you don’t have this pop up for awhile!

  2. Grandma Carol says:

    So glad to see you back …….Papa Gary deals with this periodically….and there just isn’t much you can do till it passes. Stress plays a part in it all. Hugs!

  3. Gail says:

    I’m glad you’re back!
    I think it does make sense to what you said about working your condition into your life and priorities; sort of learning a new normal or new way of doing things. I think we all have to work on those priorities from time to time too!

  4. Mommaofmany says:

    Glad to see you back up and writing! I’ll add you to my prayer list, and I hope that the vertigo doesn’t act up for a long time! It’s smart to have gotten your priorities narrowed.

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