Through the eyes of a kindergartner…..

This morning D and I had the absolute PRIVILEDGE of teaching the Kindergarten sunday school class at church.    This was probably the best group of kids that we’ve taught in a LONG time!   These 12 little kindergartners (well, they’ll all be going into 1st grade in the next couple of weeks)  were polite, well behaved, they were eager to learn (well, all but one, but D said that this particular little guy must have been tired, because he’s not normally such a stick in the mud), and they were GREAT with the Bible memory verse game that I do…..better than most of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes that I have taught over the past few years (D and I are substitute Sunday School teachers…..our children’s pastor knows that she can call on us anytime to help in a classroom).    Anyhow, something very interesting happened on the playground today……

There were two little girls (they are both 6 and both VERY social girls)  that had gone to sit on the bench across the little playground from us to talk.   Well, D went over after a couple of minutes to see what they were up to, since they had isolated themselves from the rest of the class.   He came back to me and told me that one of the little girls had told the other little girl to go and get “the boys” (we quickly found out that it was two particular boys) to come and talk to them.   So the “butterfly” went and got the boys and told them that the “princess” wanted to see them.   They strutted (yes, I said strutted!!!!!) over to where both girls were now sitting.   The girls talked to them for a moment, giggled, and the boys strutted (yep!) away again.    Shortly after that the “butterfly” walked back to the boys (she had a flirty little walk that she did) and told them something and they ran far and fast to the other end of the playground away from “those girls” (their words to D).

I was struck by how young these little girls have learned this type of flirtatious behaviour!   Neither of their moms are really flirty, and neither of them have older sisters.   They have learned this from observation (possibly at school, possibly just out in public places)…….how scary!!!!   And what a testimony of how we should really be behaving in public (yes, I am guilty of flirting with my husband in public sometimes, but I have now realized that that probably isn’t the best example to the children that are around).

D and I did talk to both of these girls’ dads about it so that they would be aware of the behavior……they both appreciated knowing!

SO, what have you observed by looking at things through the eyes of a kindergartner?

(I will probably have more stories next week…..we are helping in the same class next week 🙂  )

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