After dinner entertainment

This afternoon after church my sister in love came to have lunch with us.  She was here until about 2 pm.   When she left, R went into M’s room to play video games with him, and the two “little girls” went into their room.   We didn’t really know what they were doing until about 2 hours later when they both came out with an invitation to a concert.   Here’s what the invitation said…. (I am leaving their whole names out and using the abbreviations that you all know 🙂 …..and I’ll be typing it exactly as it was written 🙂 ……guess we need to work on spelling more this year 🙂 )

H and r’s  consert!

When:   tonight.

Time:  after dinner.

Why:  Just for fun!

What are we doing?:  Are favorite things in the hole world  sing and dance

So as soon as we were all done with dinner, they “set the stage” in the living room…..they set up folding chairs on one side of the living room, and their CD player and a “mic” (which was actually a flashlight rubberbanded to a music stand base) and put their costumes on.   They came out and each sang a song by themselves, then H did a beautiful dance (she’s never taken any kind of  dance lessons yet she showed us such grace and beautiful dance moves….may have to talk to Daddy about the possibility of ballet for this naturally talented 10 year old!), then r did a fun crazy little dance, then they sang 2 duets together.   It was so sweet, so cute, and SO MUCH fun!  They put so much hard work into all afternoon… was just precious!   I’d love to see them do this again!   🙂

Do/did your kids do this too?

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