An amazing evening!

Last night D and I took our 3 girls (as well as 7 others….friends and family) to a Natalie Grant concert that was happening in our area.   Well, the very cool thing about this concert is that the group that opened for them was a local group, and the promoter arranged for a community children’s choir to sing with this local band  for a few songs.   So, for the past 4 weeks, every Sunday evening, I have been taking H and r to the rehearsals, and they have learned the lyrics (well, they already knew the songs) and choreography to sing 3 songs to open for Natalie Grant at this concert.   They have had so much fun, and they did such an awesome job!  But they also got to attend their very first concert!   AND it was with one of their favorite singers!!!!!   These kids did such an amazing job, it was hard to believe that they have only rehearsed this for a total of 5 hours!!!!   And I was so excited for such an amazing opportunity…..I only wish they had allowed older kids/teens to be involved so that R could have done it as well.   BUT she got to go to the concert, and that was important to her.

If you have never seen Natalie Grant in person (in concert) I would HIGHLY recommend finding a way to make it to one of her concerts!  She is not only an amazing artist (I love her CDs but I think she is SOOOOO much better in person!), but she has a heart for people…..last night, she followed the Spirit’s leading and asked for those people that were hurting and in a rough place in their lives to stand, and she prayed over them……it was such a neat thing, and she did say that she rarely does that (I have seen her live two previous times, and she didn’t do that either time before), but was following the Holy Spirit’s leading!

I wish the girls had been able to meet Natalie in person, but they weren’t able to arrange that.  But they all had a great time at the concert.  And r even went up front and stood /sat in front of the stage on the floor with some of the other kids from the kids’ choir…..she did it without her sister (H was sitting with R and some of R’s friends)….I was so proud of her 🙂

(If you are wondering about M, he didn’t want to go to a Natalie Grant concert, so he stayed at some of our friends’ house with their son (who also didn’t want to go to the concert) and played video games and watched a movie–I think 🙂 )

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  1. Renee' says:

    Glad y’all had a great time!

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