Menu Plan Monday–7/28/08


Wooooh! What crazy weekend we had! And what a HUGE blessing my crockpot was to me this weekend… well as leftovers from a couple of meals that we cooked at the church for our Summer Suppers on the Lawn, and for the High School group yesterday. I didn’t panic when it was time to think about dinner…..I knew that by preparing ahead of time, I had everything to put into the crockpot for dinner, OR we had leftovers that we could use for our dinner.


Here’s this week’s menu (and because I did do a couple of leftover meals, and forgot about some meals at church, etc I do have a couple of things that I’m carrying over from last week).


Monday, 7/28/08

  • crockpot enchiladas (I need to use up leftover taco meat from yesterday’s lunch)

  • mexican salad (from Menus 4 Moms)

  • crockpot peach crisp (I have to adapt a recipe that my friend Serina found….she LOVED it, but it had some problems, so I will work on adapting it today)

  • MAYBE some leftover refried beans



And here are the rest of the meals that I’m making this week…..I (again) will leave it to whim on when I make each item…..but I do know that the lasagna will be on Thursday…..I’m taking dinner to another family, and I can do 2 crockpots full, one for our family, one for their family.



To share your menu plan or just to get some great dinner ideas please click on the Menu Plan Monday banner above.

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2 Responses to Menu Plan Monday–7/28/08

  1. Clara says:

    You’re pretty clever with that crock pot! I love mine, too, for some things. But there are only 2 of us so it doesn’t get used everyday at our house.

    Come see mine here.

  2. Gail says:

    I remembered to put something in my crockpot yesterday before going out of town for the day…it was so much easier getting in at dinner time and only having a bit to do to get it ready!

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