Talking to God….

As you all have already read, I was REALLY struggling yesterday….all night last night, and was doing better this morning.   Well yesterday the anger I was feeling really troubled me….I kept talking to God about it all day, and kept asking Him to remove it from me, to fill me with love….HIS love…..for the situation and towards “the enemy” of that particular situation.   Well, the more I talked to Him I was getting frustrated because the anger wasn’t going away…..see normally when I pray about something and talk to my Father in Heaven about it, the emotions (human flesh) will go away and the Holy Spirit will fill in those fleshly places.   Well, yesterday I wasn’t feeling anything but the extreme anger, which upset me and increased my frustration about the situation.   This morning when I was praying, I asked God why He didn’t help me through the anger yesterday,  “why didn’t I hear Your voice in my heart?”  “Where were you Father?”…… I really felt as though He was telling me that He wasn’t saying anything, just holding me.  Just hugging me and snuggling me, as I would my own children when they were so incredibly angry or incredibly sad about a situation……   THANK YOU LORD!!!!   You truly are my Abba!!!!!

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