What do you do when you are SOOOOOOOO mad?

This morning a friend called and shared something with me that made me absolutely furious!!!!   This is this kind of mad/anger that would drive someone to do bodily harm to another person.   I have very rarely in my life experienced this type of anger, but it always about situations that are complete and total injustices to another person……I can’t get involved, so what do I do with my anger?    I did call my hubby and told him what was going on, and he talked me down and got me “sane” again, mostly by telling me that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  But the anger still lingers.   I’ve been praying all morning, but when I think of the situation the anger comes back.    What do you do when you are feeling that way?

This situation indirectly affects our family, but that’s not what I’m angry about.  I’m angry about the total and complete and absolute corruption of the justice system in our community that is allowing this all to happen.   (I apologize for being vague, but I have to)……I can’t imagine a court system to allow the things that have happened to happen!   I am very disappointed in our judicial system that has always seemed fairly “just” to me….I’m not so naive to not know that there are judges and lawyers that can be bought, but I really did think that that was very far and few between situations……until now.

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2 Responses to What do you do when you are SOOOOOOOO mad?

  1. Jen says:

    Sweetie, I have no advice for you, other than take it to the Lord. I am praying for you over this, and if you need to talk, I can listen.

    Blessings friend,

  2. annie says:

    When I get that mad I do two things.
    1) clean like a mad woman.
    2) pray!

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